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The Most Memorable Fictional Bands [With Image]

Top most memorable fictional bands: Girl Talk ('Full House'), 24. Sex Bob-omb ('Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'), California Dreams ('California Dreams'), Cotton Candy ('Cotton Candy'), Sexual Chocolate ('Coming to America') and more

Girl Talk ('Full House')

©Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution

Sex Bob-omb ('Scott Pilgrim vs. the World')

©Universal Studios

California Dreams ('California Dreams')

©Rysher Entertainment

Cotton Candy ('Cotton Candy')

©Major H Productions; Ron Howard Productions

Josie and the Pūssycats ('Josie and the Pūssycats')


Sexual Chocolate ('Coming to America')

©Paramount Pictures

Barry Jive and the Uptown Five ('High Fidelity')

©Touchstone Pictures

Citizen Dıck ('Singles')

©Warner Bros.

The Carrie Nations ('Beyond the Valley of the Dolls')

©20th Century Fox

Hedwig and The Angry Inch ('Hedwig and The Angry Inch')

©New Line Cinema

Otis Day and the Knights ('Animal House')

©Universal Pictures

Ellen Aim and The Attackers ('Streets of Fire')

©Universal Pictures

Steel Dragon ('Rock Star')

©Warner Bros. Pictures

Zack Attack ('Saved by the Bell')

©Rysher Entertainment

School of Rock ('The School of Rock')

©Paramount Pictures
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